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Holiday Tip from EQUIPE Automotive 4x4 

NEW YEAR! - so arrives the HOT driving conditions we all love in OZ !

Holidays mean extra time spent on the roads and the rapid increase in WEATHERSHIELD sales prove their effectiveness.They provide an easy aerodynamic solution to help deflect wind, rain and air-borne critters entering the vehicle, while allowing for OPTIMUM AIR-FLOW VENTILATION - SAFE TRAVELS !!!!



NEWS from EQUIPE Automotive 4X4 - Talking STOCK!

New Stock - including the new "BLACK RAPTOR' Design Side Steps is scheduled to arrive on the 19th December, just in time for XMAS!

Pre-Order is recommended as we are anticipating a very busy time fulfilling orders placed by our customers over the past 2 months.

Its always great to take delivery of NEW STOCK: all be it slightly late arriving!

FORD RANGER PX II - choice of SIDE STEPS in Alloy, Polished Stainless Steel, and the New Black Raptor Design


Of course we do have Nudge BARS IN STOCK NOW - a nudge bar / side step combo can save $$$ in freight costs - always happy to consolidate freight costs!



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The latest at Equipe 

We are counting down to our next stock delivery due early December! New model Side Steps are on their way for the Isuzu DMAX and MU-X, Holden Colorado, Ford Ranger, Toyota Prado 150s and Mazda BT50 to name a few - pre-order now to get your steps in time for XMAS! 



The Perfect Fit 

Good to see the Ford Ranger PX2 out and about, especially with the addition of the Equipe Black Steel Nudge Bar, also available in Polished Stainless Steel! Definately a great addition to Ford's new Ranger model, the PX2. 





Dirty Girls 4X4 Weekends teach women to drive a Jeep 4WD on Moreton Island


Offroading is no longer just for men.

Dirty Girls 4x4 Open Weekend Courses teach women how to drive a Jeep 4WD on Moreton Island in Queensland Australia.

The weekends include 'glamping' accomodation ("glamorous accomodation - camping style") sunset canapes and champagne to add a decidedly feminine edge to the weekend. Read the full article here.





Roadside Killers!

Nudge Bars: Your Protection on the Road 

We recently took a road trip to Sydney, naturally taking any opportunity to get out of the office and see more of the beautiful Australian countryside. On our way there we noticed the large number of dead animals on the side of the road, the majority being Kangaroos. We thought it would be important to write an article about the dangers associated with animals on the road and the importance of having a Nudge Bar as a frontal vehicle protection system.

The 2011 Department of Environment census estimates that there are 34 million Kangaroos Australia wide. In Canberra alone, rangers report 1000 Kangaroo roadside attendances per year. Australia is a vast territory meaning that the true number of Kangaroo roadside attendances is much higher. This is only one of a great number of concerns for drivers.

According to the ACT Kangaroo Management Plan: Vehicle Collision and Management Policies the three most significant risk factors for Kangaroo Vehicle collisions are: driving in the period between dusk and dawn, high speed and driver inattentiveness. When taking a road trip of any kind it is almost impossible to avoid these three factors therefore the use of frontal vehicle protection (Nudge Bars) is considered the simplest and most effective option.

Attewell and Glase in 2000 examined Australian national transport agency data for road crashes and discovered that 42% of crashes involve vehicle manoeuvring to avoid hitting an animal. Swerving to hit an animal is often a natural reaction however it is extremely dangerous. No-one in this world wants to intentionally hit an animal however swerving is not a solution because it could create larger problems such as swerving into oncoming traffic, hitting a ditch and rolling or maybe even hitting a large tree. Daniel Ramp is a research fellow at the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of New South Wales. He explains that unfortunately research has shown that maintaining your path on the road and hitting the animal is actually the best tactic to protect you and your passengers.

From an insurance point of view hitting an animal is not only safer for you but also considered a comprehensive claim with most insurers whilst swerving to miss an animal and instead swerving and hitting oncoming traffic, a ditch or tree is considered an at fault collision. 

Data from NRMA and AAMI show that animal collisions have increased by 41% since the year 2006. Insurance companies spend an average of 21 million per year in vehicle repairs from animal related incidents with an average claim of $5,600.

From an insurance and road safety point of view, a Nudge Bar is the most practical option as the bars are easy to install, cost effective as they retail for up to 50% of the cost of a Bull Bar, are made from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, a metal that is stronger and lighter than Alloy, retaining its shine without getting that ‘dull’ finish. Nudge Bars are also the most aesthetically pleasing and stylish solution for protection on the road without sacrificing the look of your urban 4WD.


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How Proud are You?

Our latest creation! The Aussie Pride Bar, available exclusively from Equipe Automotive.
Show your Aussie Pride! Bars available to suit most models.
Order now at 

Our latest creation! The Aussie Pride Bar, available exclusively from Equipe Automotive.

Show your Aussie Pride! Bars available to suit most models.

Order now at 




Avoiding the Elements

A 1986 study by the University of Washington found that Australian men were more likely to show pre-cancerous growths on the right side of their bodies thanks to the sun exposure received whilst driving from harmful UVA and UVB sunrays through the window.

The study’s co-author Paul Nghiem says that whilst many cars have UV protection built into the glass it may be advisable to apply sunscreen before driving.

With the Australian summer on its way it may also be worth considering Weather Shields for your 4x4 vehicle. Weather Shields offer shade from the sun to both front and back passengers when and where you need it most to protect you and your family.

Not only do Weather Shields offer some much needed UV protection they also limit glare for safer driving, and allow you to enjoy fresh air whilst keeping the rain and dust clear from your windows for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Equipe Automotive offers a great range of easy DIY installation Weather Shields that will enhance the look of your vehicle and offer you the protection you need at affordable prices. Visit to see their full range.